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Using SMS

With you can send and receive SMS right from Salesforce and Zoho CRM, and have your SMS messages automatically logged in your CRM.

It's a fantastic way to communicate more informally with your prospects and customers, and provides opportunities for engagement beyond phone calls that should boost your conversion rates and overall sales & customer service results. SMS is an optional premium feature available to all plans. To enable it, head over here, or contact your sales rep.

You can use SMS on any Personal Numbers. These are the direct numbers assigned to each user under the User tab of the administration portal.


To send a message

You can send a message to any selected contact by clicking on the SMS button in your CRM:



Or if you have a selected contact already, click on the SMS button on the Web Phone.



After you type your message, press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to send. 

If your message is longer than 140 characters it will be split into multiple messages.

You can use emojis (judiciously, if we may suggest)


Message Delivery will display a checkbox next to each message that you sent that has been received by our service.

It will display 2 checkboxes next to each message that has been received by our service and delivered to your contact's carrier.

It will display an exlamation mark in a red icon next to each message that could not be delivered (most common cause: you sent a message to a non-mobile number).


To receive a message

When you receive a message, will play a sound to alert you, and open that contact so you may see and reply. will also email you the message so if you're on a call you may not miss the message.

The SMS will also appear as an activity in your CRM under the corresponding lead, contact, opportunity or account.




Messages received are displayed on the left, with a gray background. Messages that you sent are displayed on the right, with a blue background.

CRM Logging of SMS

By default, will log each SMS as a separate activity in your CRM.


SMS Report logs all the messages sent and received in a report. This is a quick and easy way to see message volumes, as well as drill into the actual messages that your team sent and received.








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