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How to use the new Power dialer with Zoho CRM

1. Open a list of people you would like to call in Zoho. You can call leads, contacts & accounts, and with some work from our team, other Zoho objects like Deals or custom objects.


2. Rather than calling everyone individually. Right-click and then go to phone and click on "Add contacts to Power Dialer".


3. opens in another tab showing your list of numbers you want to call.


4. Turn "Autoprogress" ON, this will call the next caller automatically once you're done with a call. 

5. You may add "Snooze time" which is located at the top of the power dialer, This gives you time to do depositions before the next call.

6. You can view any contact's Zoho record by simply clicking on their name.

7.While on call, Click on  "Call Dispositions" to label the outcome of the call.


8. After each call, call dispositions, notes, and call recording are logged into Zoho.

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