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2. Initiate a Dialing Session

A dialing session connects your endpoint, whether it be your cell phone, desk phone, or soft phone, to the system. This gives users the ability to click to call consecutively without ever having to re-establish the connection between the end point and (as you would if you were not in a dialing session).

Dialing Session is used when you need to

  1. dial through a list of phone numbers and leave prerecorded voicemails (VM Drop)
  2. eavesdrop live calls.

To initiate a "dialing session, click on Start Session on top of the Desktop App.

It's always a good idea to record a message that you can leave at a voicemail box before starting a Dialing Session but it is not necessary.

1. Click on the Start a dialing session button 


2. You don't need to do anything at this step. Just sit back while we're calling your endpoint.

    Answer the incoming call on your endpoint and you're almost there.



3. You can call now using:

3.1. Desktop App



3.2. or your Zoho CRM (if you already have a Zoho CRM hooked up with Ringio)



3.3. or your Chrome browser



3.4. or using Salesforce native CTI plugin

4. you can now use one of the prerecorded voicemails (VM Drop).


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