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Enable RingLocal

RingLocal displays the area code of the person you are calling as your outgoing caller ID to increase the number of prospects that actually pick up the phone. For example, if I'm calling a prospect in California and I'm located in Washington D.C. it's highly unlikely that my call will be answered due to my "out of state" caller id. Turning on, RingLocal, people are 400% more likely to pick up my call when they see a phone number with a local area code. 

1) To enable RingLocal, please visit and sign in to your account. Once inside the admin portal, click on the Dashboard Tab and select Premium Features.


2) Scroll down to find RingLocal, and click on "Add RingLocal to my account." Select "I Agree." Then click on "Add Numbers."


3) You will see all 296 numbers provisioned for your account. Here you also have the option of setting up the inbound call process when a prospect calls back your local presence number. 

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