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Setting up basic Standard and Custom Fields for Salesforce

To log simple basic call information into Salesforce, you need to have these fields created in Salesforce:

Standard Fields (These fields already exist in Salesforce)

  • Subject - We’ll push the text “Ringio Call” in the subject
  • Type - Picklist - For each call we’ll automatically log the type call for each activity
  • Status - We’ll automatically log the task and set the status to completed

Custom Fields (These fields need to be created in Salesforce)

  • Ringio User - Text - We’ll input the name of the Ringio User who made the call
  • Call Start Time - Date/Time - We’ll input the date and the time that the call started
  • Call Hour - Formula (Number) - VALUE( MID( TEXT(Call_Start_Time__c -(5/24)), 12, 2 ) ) - This formula returns the hour of a date/time field where Call_Start_Time__c is the date/time field we want to pull the hour from.  You have to subtract your time zone from 24 or GMT.  Since EST is 5 hours behind GMT i’m subtracting 5 to get the hour in EST.
  • Ringio Call Duration -  Number - This field is where Ringio sends the time of our calls in milliseconds format.
  • Duration in Minutes - Formula (Number) - RingioCallDuration / 60000 - This formula takes the raw call data that we push into salesforce in milliseconds and converts this data to minutes.
  • Day of the Week of a Call - CASE( MOD(DATEVALUE(Call_Start_Time__c) - (DATE(1900, 1, 7)), 7), 0, "0Sunday", 1, "1Monday", 2, "2Tuesday", 3,"3Wednesday", 4, "4Thursday", 5, "5Friday", 6, "6Saturday","Error") - This formula is meant to grab the day of the week from a date/time field.  In this case we would like to know what day of the week a call was placed.  Adding a number in front of the day helps to order these values in Dashboards to make it easier to view the data.
  • Number Customer Dialed - Text - This is the number that an incoming caller dials to reach your organization.  This will only populate for inbound calls where a caller is dialing one of your numbers.
  • Department - Text - This field is for the department that answered an inbound call.  
  • Call Direction - Text - This is either ‘in’ or ‘ou’ depending upon whether the activity is from an inbound or an outbound call.
  • Ringio Call Outcome - This is the defined system outcome of the call - vm drop, completed, missed etc. We’ll get this data on every call and log it automatically.
  • Result of Call - Picklist - This is the disposition value that a rep can log to indicate what happened on the call.  This is a user input that will allow you to understand more detail as to what is happening on the call and the ultimate result of the call.
  • Call Recording - URL(255) - This is where we send the recording link for the call recordings.
  • Connected Call - Formula Checkbox - (Duration_In_Minutes__c >= 3) This formula will return a true value IF the Duration_In_Minutes is greater than or equal to 3 minutes.
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