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How to transfer calls

For transferring calls to users or departments you can use both the Ringio Desktop App or Star Power:

1. Transferring a call using Ringio Desktop App:

While on a call, you can click on 'Transfer' button and transfer the call to a user, department, or an external number.

If you want to transfer a call to another number that is not a contact, you can add that contact on the fly while you are on the phone. To add a new contact click the '+' button near the top right corner of your application.  Give your contact a name and then click save at the bottom of the pane. 

2. Transferring a call using Star Power:

During a call that is going through Ringio (inbound or outbound) users can now press the star (*) key on their phone's keypad and the caller will be put on hold. 

  • Press star again to unhold the caller
  • Enter an extension followed by the pound (#) key to transfer to another user (you will need to enable extensions in the "Users" screen of the administration website)
  • Enter a 10 digit number followed by the pound (#) key to transfer to an external phone number.
  • Enter a department number followed by the pound (#) key to transfer to a department.

Star Power works on cell phones, landlines, IP phones, softphones.
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