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When someone calls my number my IP phone sometimes doesn't ring


  1. Check that your Ringio application is set to taking calls.  takingcalls.png

  2. We find that the SIP ALG parameter is not working correctly when the router is either a consumer-type router or one provided by the ISP. Please login and go to either the WAN section on most Netgear routers or the Firewall section on most D-link routers to disable SIP ALG.

If your router is from another brand please search on Internet how to disable SIP ALG on your particular router.

3. If you can't find it or can't disable it then maybe your ISP can send you a different router model that allows us (or them) to change the SIP ALG.

4. Alternatively, we have some router recommendations that we know work - but you would have to get a network-savvy IT person to set it up for you.

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