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1. Record your voicemail drop message(s)


From the Web Phone,

  1. Click on the Settings cogwheel icon
  2. Scroll to the Voicemail Drop section and press the "+" icon to the right
  3. Give your audio greeting a memorable name
  4. Click on Call Me - will call you to record the audio
  5. Whenever you're done recording, just hang up
  6. You can go back into the Settings screen to play the audio message you left, or make an outbound call to use your voicemail drop message.
  7. Whenever the call is connected to the other party, wait to hear the voicemail beep on their mailbox, then hit the "VM Drop" button and select the message you recorded. will hang up on you so you can make the next call, but stay in the line to leave the audio message on your prospect's voicemail box. 
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