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Your company makes mainly outbound calls

Here is a roadmap for administrators to quickly setup everything:

1 - You first need to create/edit your users.

Here is an article about setting up your users.

2 - How will your users make calls? IP phones / softphones or existing direct dial numbers?

You should have a list of all the users with the type of phone they will use. Then find out the data needed for each type of phone with this article about how to set them up.

3 - You then want to install the Ringio desktop application and set your outbound caller ID which is the number shown to the people you call.

4 - Now that the phone is setup, Ringio gives you several ways to call people. You can dial through the desktop application, through ZOHO, or through Salesforce.

5 - If you make a lot of calls then you will save a lot of time using Power Dialer.

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