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Configure a device to receive calls at

If a user will have a landline /cell phone for receiving calls, you need to set the "Receive calls at" parameter to be "Phone" and enter the appropriate phone number.

If a user will have an IP phone / soft phone then the Support department has to set up the phone for you. Please email them with the following information:

1 Name of the person that will use the phone.

2 Brand and model of the phone (soft phone, Polycom VVX 400, Cisco SPA 300, etc).

3 In case it is an IP phone, the MAC address of the phone. You can find this information on a label under the phone.

To find out this information please go to the appropriate page for PolycomGrandstreamCisco or a soft phone.

Once you are done configuring your device, go to the user's tab of

Then select the user that you want to make changes to.

You can set up to 3 end points to receive calls at. Just change the device name to be the appropriate one for the phone the user will have. 

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