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Auto-attendant Greeting

In go to the greeting & routing tab.

These settings determine how the system greets your callers, and how calls get routed. You can configure each of your Ringio company phone numbers independently. Either let the system generate the greeting automatically for you, or you can manually specify the caller experience yourself.

With automatic greeting, Ringio generates a series of audio prompts from the departments and extensions you have entered in the Department and User screens.

If you check greet by name, Ringio greets callers for which there is a shared contact with that caller ID by name. It also allows Welcome Back Routing where prior successful phone calls between a caller and a user allows Ringio to offer to that caller the opportunity to talk to that user again.

If you check the 3rd option, Ringio will list for the caller the departments you have and route the call to the department chosen by the caller.

You can also select to make your own custom greeting.

In this case you can type what you want the system to say, upload your own audio message file with the following format, or just leave it empty, in which case there will be no greeting.


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