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Differences between personal and company numbers

At the beginning you start with one company number where people can reach your business. You can also assign individuals a Ringio personal number which allows them to be reached individually. Personal numbers are free and the first company number is also free. Subsequent company numbers cost an extra $10/month. 

Ringio Personal Numbers are a bit like Google Voice numbers in that they are designed to find an individual. They are the kind of "Direct" phone number that you would print on a business card or email signature. More about Ringio Personal Numbers.

Company numbers have the advantage that you can use all the features available on them. You can have as many company numbers as you like and they can go to a single individual if he/she needs to use any Ringio feature that is not available on a personal number. A team or a department can have its own company number as well.

Some features only available to company numbers include a greeting message, routing of the call to different destinations, IVR (phone menu) trees, after hours routing and individualized hold music. More about Ringio Company Numbers

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