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Your company receives mainly inbound calls

Ringio gives you many options to greet your callers, route calls and receive them at different end points.

Here is a roadmap for administrators to quickly setup everything:

1 - You first need to create/edit your users.

Here is an article about setting up your users.

2 - How will your users receive calls? IP phones / softphones or existing direct dial numbers?

You should have a list of all the users with the type of phone they will use. Then find out the data needed for each type of phone with this article about how to set them up.

3 - With Ringio your users can receive calls at different devices at the same time so you never miss a call.

4 - Your users are now ready to receive calls. Do you want to use our automated greeting and routing options or do you want to create your own IVR tree? This page helps you decide between the two options.

5 - To learn the different ways you can greet your callers.

6 - Once calls reach your business, you have different ways to route them.

7 - You also have different options to route calls inside a department during business hours, or during off hours, holidays or special company events.


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