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Using eavesdrop or joining a live call

Account administrators can now join and listen to any live call. This is a very useful feature for training and coaching purposes for Sales Reps and Support Reps.

All you as an admin need to do is to 'Start Dialing Session' from your Ringio Desktop App which rings to your endpoint:

Answer your phone and click on any of the live calls (shown in green) you want to eavesdrop and click on Eavesdrop button that shows up in the middle section of the Desktop App.

You will join the call being muted by default (Eavesdropping) so you can listen to the call without neither party realizing you are listening to the call.

At any time that you feel you need to join the call for helping the rep on the call, you can click on the 'Mute' button (to un-mute yourself) and you are joined to the call as if you are in a conference call (Call Barging).

You can 'Mute' again or 'Leave' the call at any time during the call.


Note: If you want to exclude any users from being barged in, you need to enable 'Private Calls' for that user:

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