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v2.10 Release Notes

  1. Performance Updates
    • Chained Outbound Provider
        • There were some cases in which some calls wouldn't connect due to the lack of coverage for terminating call in some rural areas. Now we have backup providers which provide coverage for almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. If one provider fails to deliver the call, we use the first backup provider and if that fails, we use the second backup provider and so on.
    • Call Recording Processing Speed up:
        • Some changes have been made and servers are beefed up so that the majority of the Call Recordings should get processed within 15 minutes of the call being completed. We expect any recording that takes more than 30 minutes to be an outlier.
    • Searching by phone number is now much faster.
    • Desktop App is significantly faster (about 3-5 x in high contact situations).
    • Some backend SQL optimizations
  2. New/Updated Features
    • Eavesdrop (The ability to join a live call or shadow a user to coach and improve the quality of conversations. You can go off mute and barge into the call to join the conversation.)
    • Multiple Voicemail Drop (The ability to pre-record and drop multiple voicemails targeted at different audiences.)
    • Zoho Plugin (Zoho Legacy integration) now updates Notes
    • Endpoints can now be edited through the Admin Panel
    • Calls can now be transferred to your Ringio Personal Number without announcing your name. It is now optional to choose either say:
        • Thanks for calling, John Doe; connecting you to …
        • Or simply ring until pickup
  3. Bug Fixes
    • Transferred calls recording now showing up in desktop
    • Some remaining bugs with transferring calls are fixed
    • Special character '$' is accepted in questionnaire
    • The Delete User would lock users in some cases and not allow calls not to be made. This is now fixed.
    • There were some cases where agents could get more than 1 call under load conditions. This is fixed.
    • The backup number is now working all the time.
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