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Department call routing options


Routing in Ringio Departments 

3 different ways to route calls among users in a department

  • Call Blast for Departments - Simultaneously rings all the users in the department at the same time until one of them picks up. If your goal is to find a user to talk to the caller fast, this option works best for small or medium-size teams. 
  • Escalating routing - Rings the first user in the list who is checked in and not talking, then escalates until someone picks up or the list is exhausted, at which point the call goes to voicemail. This versatile way of routing your calls could be attractive in a few different scenarios:
    • Sales: you want to reward a person with the most inbound sales calls.
    • Tech Support: you want the most junior person to take the lion's share of the calls
    • Front Desk: you have a person who acts as receptionist but would like a backup for them in case they're on the phone already
    • 24/7 Operations: you want to make sure that somebody will answer the call from the customer no matter what.
  • Round Robin - Evenly distributes the calls among the users in the group, so that, over time, each person has taken the same amount of calls. This works best in situations where you don't want to disturb everybody when a call comes in, and you let the system use its smarts to pick the best person.
  • After hours - You can also set the hours your business is open and route the calls differently during those hours.
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