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Faxing with Ringio

Faxing is an additional service. 

Here are the details regarding our fax offering:

It costs $10/mo and in exchange you get a local number in an area code of your choosing, and unlimited inbound/outbound faxing 

You must be a Ringio voice subscriber, our fax offering is not offered independently. 

Delivery is via email. In that case, whenever somebody sends you a fax, you will receive the faxes to a pre-determined email address as a PDF attachment. To send faxes, we will provide you with a web page where you can log in, specify the recipient, optionally fill out a cover letter, and attach your Microsoft Office or PDF document. You will then get an email confirmation that your fax was sent or an email offering to resend it if the terminating fax machine gave problems.

If you would like to proceed, please let us know the following:

** The area code that you would like for your fax number 

** The email where our system should send your fax alerts

** You can also port an existing number (whether it's a fax number or not) into our fax service

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