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v2.8.0 Release Notes

New Features / Enhancements

  1. Star Power: You can now transfer to Departments in addition to extensions/users using Star Power.
  2. If you have your Salesforce account connected to Ringio, on Click to Call plugin (on top left corner of Salesforce) you can type in any number and dial it rather than only clicking the number in Salesforce.
  3. Voicemail Drop messages can now be greater than 30 seconds.
  4. Admins can now manage users end points on the Admin Panel. Previously this was only possible on the Desktop App.
  5. Speed Up of the Admin Panel. Mainly the 'Phone Numbers and Routing' page. The delay would become noticeable if you had close to 100 numbers or more.
  6. When deleting users you can allow the move of contacts to other user.
  7. Improved Questionnaire: For outbound calls, the questionnaire pops up when the user answers the call (first leg). So they can start to fill it out while waiting for the contact to answer (second leg).

Bugs Fixed

  1. The delay between pick up and joining has been reduced significantly (1-2 seconds). This was causing people missing out the first couple of second of the conversation.
  2. Separate Call Recordings for calls made in a Dialing Session.
  3. Customized On Hold music was not working for inbound calls. This is now working for inbound and outbound. In addition customized on hold music works using Star Power as well now.
  4. Personal Voicemail greeting was not playing when accessed through Menu's. This has been fixed.
  5. Dial By Name Destination is now saved successfully in voice menu.
  6. The Call Cleaner has been enhanced to catch more hanging calls. Moreover, a couple of cases have been fixed which were the cause of hanging calls.
  7. Sometimes when resetting password - you would get "User must be invited". Is fixed.
  8. When a new voicemail drop message is recorded, the old message would be played. This has been fixed and the new one should be played.
  9. The "Main Menu for xxx-xxx-xxxx" menu that is created by default - does not render the departments as menu items in the case that it does not have its own menu items. It is fixed now.
  10. Should not be possible to delete a voice menu that has a reference to it in a call destination.
  11. When a user calls a department that they belong to - and department not available - then call would end incorrectly. It is fixed now.
  12. Copy Settings of Phone Number not copying everything. It is now fixed.
  13. Deleting Users would fail in some edge cases. This is fixed.
  14. Issues with the second transfer of a call is fixed.
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