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Xlite with Windows

You can make and receive Ringio phone calls on your computer with a softphone such as X-lite.

We will give you SIP access when you become a Ringio customer. Once you are an active customer, send an email to and ask for SIP Credentials. If you aren't currently an active customer, please enter your credit card information through the billing page.

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Step 1: Download and install X-lite

Go to X-Lite and download the appropriate installer depending on the operating system of your computer:

Once you have downloaded the installer, proceed to install the application clicking on the "next" button.

Once done, on your desktop you will find a yellow X-lite icon. Double click on it to open it.

Once opened, go to the help menu and select "check for new updates". A message will appear and if a new version is available there will be a button that says "Download & install". Proceed with the installation of the update. 

Step 2: Configure your softphone with the SIP credentials received from Ringio

This will allow your softphone to register with the SIP servers of Ringio and let the servers know when you are online and can receive phone calls.

2.1 Click the "Account Settings" link to open the account configuration screen. If there is no link go to the menu Softphone -> Account settings. Fill it up as follows:

2.2 Under the "Topology" tab, change the option from "Auto-detect" to "None"

Then click OK. If everything works as expected, you should now get a message that the account is active.

2.3 Go to the Softphone menu and select preferences. Select Calls on the left column and check RFC 2833 and SIP INFO. 

If you are having problems getting the softphone to register, it is most likely because of firewall issues. You may want to check the network settings we have at our firewall configuration guide.

Step 3: configure Ringio to ring your softphone via SIP

Via the administration website:


Now X-lite is configured and you can try calling any phone to make sure that it works


  • Now, you can either dial out directly from the softphone (start your number with 1, e. g. 18887275776) or using the Ringio Desktop App as explained here: how outbound calling works.
  • For best voice quality results, make sure you use a headset... audio quality is severly degraded by using the speakers and microphone built into your computer.
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