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Configure Cisco Phones

Step 1: Find the IP address of your phone

On your phone press the setup button (it looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded over) and then select network.

The IP address will be 4 numbers separated by dots (i.e.

Step 2: gather the MAC address of your IP phones

Access the phone from a web browser by typing the phone's IP address in the address bar.

Once you see the login page of the phone type admin as username and the admin’s password.

You will start at the home page. Please go to the Voice menu and then click on the Info tab. Copy the MAC address of the phone.

Step 3: Open a ticket with Ringio

Send an email to with the make and model of your phone, the MAC address and what user will use this phone.

Step 4: Once you hear back from us

Factory reset the phone by going again to your setup button and selecting "Factory Reset" (it is usually option 14). Press the OK soft key afterwards.

Once it has rebooted login again as an admin to the web page of your phone and select advanced mode on the top right corner. Then select the provisioning tab. 

Type as the provisioning rule and save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you have that "/" at the end of the line. (That symbol is the forward slash. It's the symbol below the question mark on the keyboard.)

If the phone does not reboot by itself please reboot it.

Step 5: Test the phone

The phone might reboot twice. After it stops rebooting please try calling a number to test that it works.


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    Jason Spindler

    Will I be able to configure so that I can see the status of the other phones? In other words, if I have four phones in my Ringio account, will I be able to see when the other phones are in use?

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    Jeff Green

    Thanks for the insight.

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