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Configure Polycom Phones

Step 1: Find the IP address of your phone

There are several methods:

If you have a Sound Point phone press the menu button and then press 2 2 1.

For VVX phones press the home button, and then select the ¨settings¨ button followed by 4 2 1.

You can also press the menu button and then go to settings -> status -> Network -> TCP/IP parameters.

The IP address will be 4 numbers separated by dots (e.g.

Step 2: gather the MAC address of your IP phones

Access the phone from a web browser by typing the phone's IP address in the address bar.

Once you see the login page of the phone put admin as username and type the admin’s password. The default is 456.

You will start at the home page. Please copy the MAC address of the phone.


Step 3: Send us your IP phone information

Send an email to with the make and model of your phone, the MAC address and what user will use this phone.

We will then provision your phones on our servers so that they will self-configure once you reconnect them.

Step 4: Once you hear back from us

You need to factory reset your phone. Go to the Utilities menu and select phone backup and restore


Once there click on Global Settings and then select Restore.

The phone will reboot. Once it is done login again as an admin to your phone's web page and click on Settings and then select Provisioning Server .

Select HTTP as the server type and put as the server address

Click the save button at the bottom of the page and if the phone does not reboot by itself please reboot it by going to the Utilities tab and select Reboot Phone.

Step 5: Test the phone

The phone might reboot twice. After it stops rebooting please try calling a number to test that it works.


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