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Using Ringio with IP Phones that you already own

Ringio Supported IP Phones

Ringio works with a variety of SIP or IP phones available today in the market. If you own one of these IP phones, you can reconfigure it to be used in conjunction with the Ringio service. These are the only phones that are officially supported by Ringio.

You will need to be able to factory reset your VoIP phone and have admin login credentials handy, so you can access the phone from a web browser via the phone's IP address. 

Please follow the link according to the phone you have:

Polycom: Soundpoint and VVX models.

Grandstream: GXP models

Cisco: SPA models

IP phones compatible with Ringio

Manufacturer Model Notes
Polycom Soundpoint 301 Recommended
Polycom  Soundpoint 320  
Polycom  Soundpoint 321 Recommended 
Polycom  Soundpoint 330  
Polycom  Soundpoint 331 Recommended 
Polycom  Soundpoint 335 Recommended 
Polycom Soundpoint 430  
Polycom  Soundpoint 450  
Polycom  Soundpoint 501  
Polycom Soundpoint 550 Recommended
Polycom Soundpoint 560  
Polycom Soundpoint 601  
Polycom Soundpoint 650  
Polycom Soundpoint 670  
Polycom VVX  300  
Polycom VVX  310  
Polycom VVX  400 Recommended
Polycom VVX  500 Recommended
Polycom VVX  600 Recommended
Polycom VVX  1500  
Polycom SoundStation 4000  
Polycom SoundStation 5000 Recommended
Polycom SoundStation 6000 Recommended
Polycom SoundStation 7000  
Grandstream GXP 1405  
Grandstream GXP 1450 Recommended
Grandstream GXP 2124  
Grandstream GXP 2100 Recommended
Grandstream GXP 2110  
Grandstream GXP 2120  
Grandstream GXP 2130  
Grandstream GXP 2140  
Grandstream GXP 2160  
Grandstream GXP 2200  
Grandstream GXV 3140  
Grandstream GXV 3175  
Grandstream GXV 3240 Recommended
Grandstream GXV 3275  
Grandstream HT 503  
Grandstream HT 502  
Cisco Linksys SPA 901  
Cisco Linksys SPA 921  
Cisco Linksys SPA 922  
Cisco  Linksys SPA 941  
Cisco Linksys SPA 942  
Cisco Linksys SPA 962  
Cisco Linksys SPA 2102  
Cisco Linksys SPA 3102  
Cisco Linksys SPA 8000  
Cisco Linksys SPA 8800  
Cisco SPA 112  
Cisco SPA 303 Recommended
Cisco SPA 501G  
Cisco SPA 502G  
Cisco SPA 504G Recommended
Cisco SPA 508G  
Cisco SPA 509G  
Cisco SPA 525G  
Cisco SPA 525G2  




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