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Block a number from calling your company

Sometimes, there will be spammers or individuals that you want to prevent from contacting your company.  Here's how to block (blacklist) a number in the Ringio software.

Step 1. Click on the contact or record of call activity (not shown).

Step 2. This brings up the contact history view.  Click on edit to bring up the contact view.




Step 3. Black list the contact:

Click on Blacklist then click Save to apply the changes.



Step 4. Ringio now shows the contact as blacklisted.  When a blacklisted contact calls your company number, extension or personal number, the phone call will be blocked from reaching your users. 


If you wish to undo this and remove a contact from being blacklisted, repeat Steps 1-3 and click on Normal instead of Blacklist.

You can also mark your contacts as VIP by selecting the VIP button. 

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