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Create your own audio greeting for

There are several places in where you can upload your own greeting message:

- In the Greeting & Routing tab. You can have an individual greeting for each phone number.

- In the Departments tab. You can have an individual greeting for each department.

- In the Voice menu tab. Inside each IVR (voice menu) tree you can have as many different greetings as you wish.

-  You can also upload your own "on hold" music or message. The file format details are the same as for a greeting message.

File format details

Our voice platform supports a number of different audio formats. When converting your sound files, you may want to keep in mind that ALL audio files eventually get converted when output by the phone to a 8bit, 8Khz format upon playback, so for better performance, it is always best to have your files in this format to begin with.

Our supported sound formats are as follows:

  • 8bit, 8Khz, u-law Wave files (Riff Format)
  • 16bit, 8Khz, PCM Wave files (Riff Format)
  • 8bit, 8Khz, u-law Sphere files
  • 16bit, 8Khz, PCM Sphere files

To save in this format, use audio software such as  Audacity or  Goldwave. In Audacity, this would be under File > Export.


If you call your Ringio number and hear a hissing sound, it probably is because you didn't save the file in the correct format. For example, make sure that you set the frequency rate at 8khz (phone quality), not 44khz (CD quality).

Also make sure that it is Mono, not Stereo.

In Audacity, the setting is controlled by a dropdown in the lower left corner of the main window.


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