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Give users admin rights

Sometimes it may make sense to give other users within your company admin rights.

This is really easy to do:

In the Ringio administration website, under Users, select the user you wish to grant administrator privileges to, click on Administrator access and Save:



Here is a comparison table of what basic vs administrators can do:

Basic Users   Administrators 
Have access to the desktop application and can configure their own parameters. Can login to the web dashboard and make modifications to all users' parameters such as checking them in or out.
 Can listen to own past calls (if recording is enabled), voicemails, and the department voicemails that they belong to Can listen to everybody's past calls, voicemails, and through the dashboard all the call reporting statistics.
  Can eavesdrop on any call
  Can modify the parameters of all the numbers and departments in the company such as greeting, routing, IVR (menu) trees, etc.
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