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If you're forwarding your Google Voice calls to Ringio

If you have a Google Voice number and are outgrowing it, and added a Ringio number as the phone to forward your Google Voice calls to, please be aware that calls being forwarded from Google Voice to Ringio are not always coming through. (Meaning: Ringio doesn't get the call)

We believe the most probable reason for this is that Google Voice doesn't expect a forwarding number to be able to accept more than one phone call at a time, therefore they will send a second concurrent phone number to voicemail, instead of even trying to forward it to Ringio.

Other users have reported spotty CallerID passing. Remember, with GV you get what you pay for :-(


Slow but effective: port your Google Voice number to Ringio. We will gladly process your request if you fill out a porting request. Please note that we ask you to become a paying subscriber before we do your port.


Fast but a little clunky: *announce your new number on Google Voice and publish your new Ringio number in your website, etc.

  • In the Google Voice Settings "Phones" tab, uncheck all your forwarding numbers
  • In the Google Voice Settings "Voicemail & Text" tab, record a new greeting. "Hi, you've reached Acme. Our phone number has changed. You can reach us at <your Ringio Company Number>. Thank you." Then turn off Voicemail Notifications and Voicemail Transcripts.
  • In the Google Voice Settings "Calls" tab, turn off Call Screening
  • That's it. If you use this method, you will need to check your Google Voice once in a little while to possibly return some calls from people who called you on Google Voice but never called you on the new number.
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