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Why integrate your CRM with Ringio?



Why integrate your CRM with Ringio? 

With an ever increasing number of social and CRM applications, such as Salesforce, Zoho and LinkedIn, you will eventually face the challenge of managing all the contact information across your  various applications.  Without a CRM integration, you have to manually update details about a contact in every profile and application you maintain.  This is a very time consuming process, and the challenge grows as you have a growing base of users all adding and editing information about contacts.   As users begin calling the contacts, managing correspondence can easily and quickly get out of hand.

 One of the greatest advantages of the Ringio solution is that your call data is seamlessly integrated into our Desktop CRM application.  When you receive or place a call with the Ringio virtual pbx system, all of the pertinent information about a contact can then be configured to automatically integrate with the CRM solution you are currently using, leaving you with peace of mind.


What kind of data gets integrated?

Your call data includes your call history, contact information and notes.  

We currently support integrations including Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Highrise, Google contacts and several more.


Popular Ringio integrations


Zoho CRM




Google Contacts: (works with Gmail and Google Apps for your Domain)


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