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Easy setup in simple steps:

1. Login here and click Configure under Salesforce:

2. Authorize the plugin to access your data:




3. Click here to connect your Salesforce account:


4. Login to your Salesforce account:

** 4._Login.jpg **



5. Map Ringio users with Salesforce users and select "Advanced Ringio / Salesforce Integration. (use Data Menu's)"

6. Save changes and you are all set!

Let Support configure your Salesforce integration

Once you have done the integration, the Support department can configure the way Salesforce works with Ringio. Following are a few use cases:

  • Route calls based on skills and the customer data you’ve collected in your CRM.  Know exactly who is calling prior to picking up the phone.  Automatically greet callers, place them in queue, and route to the last agent the customer spoke with for a better customer experience.


  • Track the source of each call so you know what’s working. Get quantitative data and qualitative feedback on every call to understand the ROI of your campaigns. Intelligently route inbound calls based on CRM data like lead source, lead score or the last collateral downloaded to increase conversion.


  • Record and store every call to understand the quality of leads being delivered. Collect custom data from sales based on channel, source or campaign with questionnaires. Automatically input the data into your CRM to optimize campaign performance in real-time.


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    which Salesforce version will this work with? will this work with Salesforce Essentials

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