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Setting up company phone numbers

With Ringio Company numbers you can have more than one phone number to reach the same group of people who are answering.

Uses for company phone numbers:

  • Multi-brand businesses: Maybe you have multiple websites and each one sells a different product or service, but you are responsible for answering inquiries for each of those businesses with the same pool of people. 
  • Answering services: Maybe you answer phone calls for multiple clients as a virtual receptionist but need to know which business is being called to answer appropriately.
  • Local or regional phone numbers: Maybe you have a local presence in more than one city and would like to offer a local number in each of those cities
  • Departmental hotlines: Maybe you would like to have a Sales hotline that routes directly to the sales people, or a "Premium Support" hotline that routes to technical support people but is only known to a few customers.
  • Call tracking for marketing campaigns: If you run online ads, place a different company number for each ad and then use the Ringio tools to see which campaign produced the higher ROI.

Here's how to add a new company phone number to your Ringio account

Step 1: Click on Add New Phone Number in the Ringio dashboard

Make sure you are logged in as the administrator and you are currently in the Ringio dashboard.


Step 2: Select an area code



Here you have two options, to choose a toll-free number, or a local area code.  Consider having one (or more) of each for your targeted markets.  Toll-free numbers offer greater convenience for your customer, and local area codes give the impression that you are operating your business in that area code. 

For example, your business sells widgets out of Maryland (240/410 area codes), and you want your California customers to feel that you are equally committed to them as well.  You might want to add a 310 number in this case.

Choose a toll-free number:

if you click on the toll-free area code, you will be presented with the option to choose your number.  Proceed by following the directions to the very end. 

...... or  ......

Choose a local area code:

Once you click on the drop down list, pick your desired local area code.



If you don't see the area code you want:

Contact and we will set you up with one. 


After you have selected the number, you will be able to configure it:


Whenever your users get a phone call from one of these numbers, they will see a "Screen Pop Label" on the screen pop that will help them identify the source of the call, and they can answer the call appropriately.

You can also filter your Ring list based on which company phone number the call came through:



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