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Add or share contacts for first name matching

How to share Ringio contacts for first name matching

A powerful feature of Ringio is the ability to share contacts between teammates. When you share a contact, your colleagues can:

  • Identify that contact by name when they receive a phone call from them, either through the Company number or the Personal number
  • View that contact's interaction history with different people in the company
  • View and create notes about that contact.

You can share contacts in the contacts properties screen accessible from your Ringio application when you click the '+' button to add a new contact near the top right corner of your application (top picture).  You can also click Edit after clicking on an existing contact in your contact list in the right-most column (bottom picture).  

Adding a new contact



Editing an existing contact



Sharing contacts

Ringio identifies shared contacts as those belonging to the Clients group.

You will see four check boxes, labeled as Coworkers, Friends, Family, and Clients.



When you check the Clients checkbox (above), that contact is shared with other Ringio users in your group. When others in your group click on that client, they will see that it is a contact shared by you (below). If you are the owner of that contact, others can see and edit information for that contact, but only you can delete that contact.


Sharing your contacts in bulk

If you'd like to share contacts in bulk, you can do this in Google Contacts. 

Make sure you have linked your Ringio account with your Google Contacts account before you try this.

Steps 1-3: Create a "Clients" Group:



Steps 4-5: Select the contacts you wish to share and Add them to the Clients group:


In 1-5 minutes, those contacts should be updated in Ringio and should be viewable by your colleagues.

Some special rules about shared contacts

  • Shared contacts are only synchronized with the Google account of the owner of those contacts, not with the Google account of every user
  • Any user can edit shared contact details (E.g. add a phone, or correct a typo in the email of a contact).
  • When a user edits somebody else's shared contact group settings ("Friends, Family, Blacklist") those group settings are not shared with the owner or other users.
  • Only the owner of a shared contact can delete that contact. A delete icon will appear at the bottom of the contact page.

Contact Matching

Ringio allows you to greet contacts by first name if you have saved their first name in the Ringio application. First names consisting of more than one word can also be greeted as long as you hyphenated the first name, eg., Ruth-Ann.

Here's an example of how the contact matching system works:

Company XYZ has 2 employees: Ashish and Sam

In the Ringio application, Jon is a personal contact of Ashish.

If Ashish doesn't mark Jon as a client, thereby sharing this contact with his team:
Jon will only hear a greeting with his first name if he calls Ashish's direct number.
If Jon calls the Company XYZ main Ringio line or if Jon calls Sam, he will hear the standard (generic) voice greeting message.

If and when Ashish marks Jon as a client in Ringio application:

Jon will hear his first name in a greeting when he calls the Company XYZ main line or Sam.

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