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Assigning personal numbers to users

What are Personal Numbers?

In addition to your main corporate number(s), you can assign individuals a Ringio personal number which allows them to get calls directly, without forcing callers to go through a phone tree or make any selections when they call in.

Ringio Personal Numbers are "direct dial work numbers" in that they are designed to find an individual. It's the kind of phone number that you would print on a business card or email signature.

How to give a user a Personal Number.

Your Ringio account includes one Personal Number for each user at no extra cost, which can be a local number.

To give a user a Personal Number click on the Users tab of and select the user by clicking on the row with their name. 

Then click on "Select Ringio Number" 

Select an Area Code for the Personal Number

Pick a Number

Confirm your selection.

Select either option and click 'Save Changes'.

  • Personalized Greeting: Thanks for calling, John Doe; connecting you ...
  • Just ringing until pick up: Simply rings until pickup 

Now you're done! Give it a phone call and see how it works.

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  • Avatar
    Bryce Fathauer

    Is it possible to upload a recording for each direct number?  I would like to upload a file that says "Thank you for calling *company name*, connecting you to Bryce"

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  • Avatar
    Mehrtash Gh
    Hi Bryce, In order to play a greeting for a number, you need to add the number as a company number not a Personal Ringio Number.
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