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Connect to Google contacts


How to connect Ringio to your Google contacts

Most people maintain some type of web-based address book these days, and Google is one of the most common places people store their contacts. Your Google contacts include the lifeblood of your business – information on your team members, customers, prospects, and partners.Imagine if every time your office phone rang, your computer popped up a window that listed comprehensive information pulled straight from your clean Google contacts list? Imagine no longer.

This article covers how to use Ringio Desktop to connect to Google Contacts, and how the contacts are synchronized. The screenshots are taken from the Ringio Desktop Application, and the process for the Ringio mobile application should follow fairly closely as well.  

You may also want to read this article to learn about how Ringio shares contacts and matches contacts.

Step 1: Open up and sign in to your Ringio Desktop Application.

You will see a Google contacts icon at the bottom right hand corner of your application. Click on the connect button besides it.



Step 2: Enter your Google login information to connect Ringio to your contacts..
A screen will pop up prompting you to enter your google email and password.



Once you enter your login information, your Google contacts and Ringio contacts will be synchronized. 


Note: GMail might block Ringio to access your Google Account contacts in which case you will receive an email from Google and you'll have the option to grant access to Ringio. This is how account permission works in GMail:

How contacts are synchronized between Ringio and Google

Synchronization from Ringio to Google contacts

Ringio only synchronizes your known contacts to your Google contacts. A contact is considered yours if you manually added that contact into the Ringio application, or if they called your personal Ringio number directly.

A contact that calls the Ringio number of your department is considered anonymous if that contact hasn't contacted your department before. This contact will belong to the administrator of your company. If you are the first person to edit and update the contact's information, this particular contact is considered to be your contact.  Any subsequent updates to your contact by other people in your organization will not have any effect - the contact will remain yours.

Known contacts are contacts that you have edited and updated information for. A contact that has not been identified by name is an anonymous contact, and will not be synchronized to Google contacts. Similarly, other users' Google contacts and contacts entered by other users in your group will not be synchronized to your Google contacts.

Contacts that you add to Ringio are immediately propagated into your Google contacts list.  To share a contact with your coworkers, click on the Clientscheckbox when you are editing that contact.  Your Ringio coworkers will see the contacts that you share in their contact list.  When they click on the contact, Ringio informs them that this is a contact shared by you.

Synchronization from Google contacts to Ringio

Your Google contacts are synchronized into Ringio every 5 minutes. Others' Google contacts are not synchronized into your Ringio application.

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    Vince Scott

    How do we upload contact that are not in google?

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  • Avatar
    will bullard

    Is Ringio for individuals or companies. If the latter then why do I want my co-workers to see phone numbers and emails for my personal friends and family? I don't. For that reason, it would be more helpful if we could just synchronize selected Google Groups. This is what 8x8 allows you to do.  

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  • Avatar
    John Zi
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  • Avatar
    Rick Boatright

    I have over 1400 contacts in my google contacts.  Does RingIO only import the ones with phone numbers?  

    Is it possible to tell RingIO to only sync a specific GROUP of contacts (Business contacts) ?  


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