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Auto-attendant Routing

Ringio allows for a number of routing options, both for individuals and departments. Set up departments – Sales, Marketing, Accounting, you name it – and then set routing rules for how calls are distributed and handled within those departments.

Greeting and Routing Help

These settings determine how calls get routed when somebody calls your business, and how the system greets your callers.


  • The Screen Pop Label is a snippet of text that helps you identify which phone number the call is coming from. This is particularly useful if you have multiple Company Line phone numbers in your account, a feature available to all paying subscribers. Make the label indicative for your users. E.g. "Sales hotline" or "December Sweepstakes Promotion"

Automatic greeting

  • With automatic greeting, Ringio generates a series of audio prompts from the departments and extensions you have entered in the Departments and Users screens.
  • With greet by name, Ringio greets callers for which there is a shared contact with that caller ID by name. Learn about contact sharing 
  • Welcome back routing uses prior successful phone calls between a caller and a user to offer to that caller the opportunity to talk to that user again.

Custom greeting

  • Upload an audio file that greets your callers and gives them the list of available choices. Make sure that you include all the choices that the caller should know about.
  • Your audio message should be a .wav file. See detailed audio file format information
  • Please note that if you have After Hours enabled, your custom greeting will not play after hours, only a standard greeting.


  • With automatic routing Ringio uses the information you entered on the Departments and Users tab to route the call based on input from the caller.
  • If you don't want to depend on caller input, you should check "Configure your own routing" and select that all calls be routed directly to specific users or departments.

After Hours

  • If you'd rather not answer live phone calls after business hours, or on weekends, activate the after hours option
  • Specify the days and time period when your business is Open and Ringio will handle the calls differently during the times when you are closed to whatever your selection is for after hours.


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  • Avatar
    Mark Felling

    For after hours, how do I configure different schedule on Saturdays from the rest of the weekdays? i.e. 8 a.m. to 12:00 PM (noon).  Right now it looks like the system expects you to follow the exact same schedule every day of the week?

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  • Avatar
    Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc.

    is there any solution to this yet?

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  • Avatar
    Mehrtash Gh

    If you have already noticed, you have now the option to set different business hours for each day of the week, with the increments of 5 minutes.

    That should be exactly what you are looking for.

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