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Make calls

With Ringio you can make outbound calls in many different ways. Pick the method that fits best in your workflow:

Ways to make an outbound call:

  1. If you have an IP phone from Ringio, simply pick up the handset and dial a number.
  2. From your desktop or laptop Windows or Mac computer, use the Ringio Desktop app
  3. From or Zoho CRM, via Click to Call
  4. From other web applications you can use the Ringio Click To Call extension for Google Chrome.
  5. If you have an iPhone or Android, install our app (iPhone here and Android Here) and pick a contact in the app, or the app's dialpad. Ringio will call you first, then connect you to the caller you're dialing, and show them your Ringio Caller ID.


From Ringio Desktop, you can initiate an outgoing call in 3 ways:

1) Select a contact from the address book or from your call history. Click on the big call button in the center pane (top). If the contact has no phone numbers saved in Ringio it will say "Add Phone" instead of the call button (bottom).


A contact with a phone number



A contact without a phone number






2) Click on the dialpad button in the upper right corner of the screen (below). A dialpad should appear. Either click on the keys to enter a 10 digit phone number or press the keys in your keyboard. Then click the green phone button in the dialpad to place the call.





3) Simply type the phone to dial in the search box and click on the resulting "Call..." row in the search results





Then, Ringio does the following:

* Calls you at the phone you specified to receive calls at.
* Calls the number you dialed.
* When both legs of the call have picked up, it whispers to you a little audio signal to indicate that you're both connected. This is your clue to say: "Hi, this is Brian, how are you...." and start the conversation.

At the end of the call, Ringio will log the call in your call history with a little grey arrow in the "2pm" position, so you know it was an outbound call.

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    Jason Spindler

    Is it possible to have my Android phone default to Ringio for outbound calls? To elaborate, one thing that I would like to do is dial someone out through click to call on my Android phone similar to how the Ringio desktop extension does.

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