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Porting phone numbers to

If you'd like your existing phone numbers to be answered by Ringio, one solution is to port your numbers to our service.

You need to be an active paying subscriber for us to port your request. If you are an in-trial customer and would like to become a paying subscriber, just give us a call at 888-727-5776 and we will gladly assist you. We will make your account active and bill you your monthly base subscription.

The porting process works as follows for phone numbers:

  • Download and fill the appropriate form (make sure you sign the form by hand): Toll-free Number form (.xls), or Local Number LNP form (.doc). This form will go to our partner Voxbone.
  • Scan and email your forms to or update your existing porting ticket with the signed and completed forms, or fax to 571-313-5303
  • Also attach a recent bill from your existing provider to prove that we have your permission to port the numbers.

Here's porting instructions for fax numbers ($10/month):

  • Complete and return the following form: Fax number porting form (.PDF)
  • The fax carrier needs your tax ID (FEIN) for business numbers
  • Send us a copy of your recent bill from your existing fax provider


The carrier porting fee for each phone number is a non-refundable $35.

We will track the porting process, which typically takes 14-20 business days for US phone numbers, and up to 60 days for fax numbers. 

When the phone numbers arrive, Ringio will put them in your account and let you know that the transfer was completed. We will coordinate with you when the phone gets cut over so you don't miss any important phone calls.

Tips for a quick and painless porting process

  • Make sure that the form is completed by the true owner of the phone... this is the subscriber to the service generally.
  • Make sure that the contact information in the form matches the contact information in the bill. Most porting requests that take long are due to mismatching information. Double check that the information you put down is the same as you you entered, not necessarily your most current information.
  • If you own multiple numbers with the carrier that is losing the number and you will not be porting all your numbers out, and the number you will be porting is the main number (also known as a "BTN" or Billing Telephone Number), please specify in the port request what other number you would like to become your new BTN.
  • Make sure that the bill that you submit has name, address and the phone number that is being transferred in it.
  • Finally, make sure that your account with the provider who is losing the phone number is in good standing.
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