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v2.0.2 Release Notes

Earlier this week we upgraded the Ringio system with a patch release containing the following features and bug fixes:



Hold Music when activated by user -- you can now have 2 kinds of hold music, one while your callers wait to talk to you and a different one that your callers will hear when you put them on hold by pressing the Hold button. (e.g. you are talking to them but want to transfer them or to lookup something).

Available under Premium Settings  Other Features:




Upgraded Mobile Application containing an addition of Co-workers to the contacts tab.  -- this app is available in the Google Play store and will shortly be available on the iTunes App Store

Bugs Fixed 

  1. Personal Voicemail can now be recorded via the desktop -- we broke this on the 2.0 release
  2. Fixing of a couple of cases where contacts are shown as "Restricted" or "Deleted" incorrectly on the desktop.
  3. Contact Matching has been improved and tightened up.  
    1. Who you click is who we call.  Not a contact with that same number that was created more recently - as we were doing
    2. We are matching non hidden contacts before looking at hidden contacts.
  4. Ability to edit contacts that are hidden but shared but that you do not own.
  5. You are now able to update and process charges on Past Due accounts -- makes Sam happy :-)
  6. In User to User dialing from an IP phone via extension dialing - if the dialed user does not answer - the call is correctly now sent to voicemail
  7. .....and a few others


Known issue(s)

For outbound calls where a User U1 calls a contact and then tries to transfer this contact to User U2 and if U2 has the setting for incoming caller id to be a company / personal number we do not complete this call.   For now the workaround is for User U2 to have the incoming callerid be the callerid of the person calling them.  In this case the call goes through. This is going to be fixed in 2.0.3.

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