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v2.0 Release Notes - Ringio Call Center edition

Call Queuing

A new premium feature that can be enabled for departments. When there are more callers than available users for a department with queueing enabled, we will put callers on hold and route them to users in the order that they were received.



In the desktop, we reorganized how rings are retrieved and displayed in the ring list. We also now display calls that are in progress. For customers with queueing, we added a status bar to the desktop with basic realtime queue statistics.





You can now also see states of your coworkers in the desktop, including who they're talking to and how long they've been on the phone. Users who are administrators can check in and out their coworkers.




Transfers to Departments



You can now do this. Hooray!


Customizable Destinations

Certain destinations in call flows are now much more configurable. Admins can now configure custom destinations for when no agents are available, when calls come in after hours, callers press a button to opt out of a queue, and callers sit on hold for too long.





Multiple Administrators

Any user can now be made an account administrator, giving them additional privileges on the desktop and login to the web admin interface.


In addition, you can now change whether any user is taking calls at the moment or not.

Functionality that we removed or modified.

  • Removed Screen Pop config option, which allowed users to decide if the system should wait to send them the call until they click Accept on the desktop. We now offer a Reject button for all customers during the screen pop and send them the call immediately. If they click Reject, we stop ringing their phone.
  • Removed the option to route to All Users for a Ringio Number. For accounts that were using this, we created a department called All Users and added all users from their account to that department.

Small Features

  • Clicking End Call on the desktop now attempts to clean a hanging user/caller
  • Account admins can now specify the amount of time to ring users endpoints (Premium Features and Other Settings page in the web admin)
  • Changed voicemails to use short URLs, just like call recordings
  • Added a short delay after missing a call before we send a call to the same user. This will prevent users with IP phones from getting overwhelmed.

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