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v1.15 Release Notes - Star Power

We're happy to announce the release of the latest version of the Ringio software. You will find it marked v1.15 in the Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile application.

Version 1.15's big feature is Star Power, which gives you the ability to hold and transfer calls from any receiving phone.


Star Power - control callers from your phone keypad.

During a call that is going through Ringio (inbound or outbound) users can now press the star (*) key on their phone's keypad and the caller will be put on hold. 

  • Press star again to unhold the caller
  • Enter an extension followed by the pound (#) key to transfer to another user (you will need to enable extensions in the "Users" screen of the administration website)
  • Enter a 10 digit number followed by the pound (#) key to transfer to an external phone number.

Star Power works on cell phones, landlines, IP phones, softphones.

Other features and bug fixes

  • FIX -  Error code 500 when trying to sync with a CRM plugin ("Cannot invoke method testIsUser() on null object" or "Cannot get property 'name' on null object") [CORE-10]
  • FIX - API Throws error when OneSaas tries to synchronize - [CORE-33]
  • FIX - Users getting error code 500 when trying to log into Desktop [CORE-12]
  • FIX - API Created Groups don't show up in Desktop [CORE-26]
  • FIX - Call transfers for company calls don'g go to the second user's voicemail if they don't pick up [CORE-29]
  • ENH - New client APIs to support the Upcoming Ringio Iphone app (stay tuned, we are very very close!!!)
  • ENH - User-level APIs now can read shared contacts and team rings correctly
  • ENH - Added HTTPS support for all APIs.
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