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v1.13 Release Notes

On April 4, 2012, we released version 1.13 of the Ringio Platform.  Here's what went out with the release.

Call Recording

Call Recording is a premium feature that allows users to record phone calls to their company and personal numbers.  This ability is very useful for quality assurance, compliance and training purposes. 

Administrator view in desktop
The account administrator now has an expanded view of data in Ringio desktop. While normal users only see their own calls and calls for their departments, administrators see all company calls (even for departments they don't belong to).

  • Fixed issue where transferred calls were misclassified as missed
  • Fixed to default contacts created by editing a new phone number to the Clients group (just like if you created a new contact)
  • Fixed issue where clicking "Change Number" on the admin web app for users personal numbers takes you to the wrong pane of the phone number selection screen



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