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v1.12 Release Notes

On January 19, 2012, we released version 1.12 of the Ringio Platform.  Here's what went out with the release.

Cool New Features

Personal Voicemail Greeting
Users can now record a custom greeting to be heard by callers right before the prompt for voicemail when someone calls the user's personal Ringio number or personal extension.  To record your personal voicemail greeting, log into the Ringio application and click on your My Account button (Jon shown in the below example).
Click on Personal Voicemail Greeting.  Ringio will call your phone once you select Use my own voice recording and click the Call me to record my voice button.  Record your greeting and press the # key.



  • Fixed phone number validation to treat Canadian phone numbers as domestic (not international) in US accounts and vice versa
  • Fixed bug syncing contacts with Google that had no notes
  • Fixed bug syncing creating or modifying contacts via the API when the contact's owning user is also syncing contacts with Google
  • Fixed bug causing 2 second delay on for non-logged-in users
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