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"Snowshoe" v1.11 Release Notes

The "Snowshoe" release, marked v1.11 in the Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile software was made available to production customers on 12/22/2011.


Major New Features

Affiliate Program

  • If you have access to and communicate regularly with a large number of small businesses, we encourage you consider our recently launched Affiliate, Reseller & White Label Programs.  You have several options: to sign up as an affiliate send prospects to our website an receive commissions when your referrals become paying Ringio subscribers or become a reseller.  Questions?  Write us.

Developer API v1.1

  • Contains new filtering parameters for the Contacts feed, which can be found here.
  • Format of dates are now ISO, E.g.: "date_created": "2010-05-10T00:00:00.000Z",
  • Complete list of Developer API changes can be found here

Cool Enhancements

  • When a user signs into the Ringio software for the very first time, they will see a 60 second getting started video that shows them how to start making outgoing calls.  Learn by watching!  Check out the support forum for more getting started videos.
  • Now, it's possible to transfer calls to an external phone number directly by simply typing in the external phone number (instead of having to create a contact).

  • You can now delete a personal voicemail through the Ringio application.  Once you delete a voicemail, it's gone for good.  Ringio will still show a record that you received a voicemail with the date and time.  Team voicemails cannot be deleted.

  • We improved the voice quality of voicemail audio files.  Voicemails now sound cleaner, crisper without the breathy or echo sounds.
  • (Existing customers only) The user addition process has been simplified.  You no longer have to invite a user to grant them access to the Ringio software.
  • We improved the usability of Mute and Hold while you are on a Ringio call and removed some one-way audio/dropped call issues.



Notable Bug Fixes

  • Better contact matching - sometimes a second number saved for a contact won't match a caller or a caller would be greeted with the wrong name.  Now Ringio correctly matches all of the phone numbers associated with a contact.
  • Google Contact Sync now has improved reliability and stability.  We fixed the following bugs:
    • Extra phone number exists when user edits phone number
    • Ringio desktop phone number is not same as Google after a user deletes a number from Ringio desktop
    • Extra data appears in Google after sync when user edits Email/IM/Website/Address from Ringio desktop
    • Duplicate and incorrect address when syncing from Ringio to Google
    • Some cases where notes didn't sync from Google to Ringio
    • Sometimes couldn't delete business name/title in Google contacts after sync from Ringio desktop
  • Custom greetings now work even when all the departments are removed.
  • Improved navigation after saving a note.
  • We fixed an issue where sometimes a person could not open some Ringio Desktop windows when already on a live Ringio call.
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