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"Greenleaf" 1.8 Release Notes

We released the Spring 2011 Release, codename "Greenleaf" on 3/29/11. You will notice you are on Greenleaf if your Ringio software indicates v1.8 in the Desktop and Mobile log in screens.  

Recorded webinar covering the new features

Major new features

Super-sized Department Options


  • Call Blast for Departments - Simultaneously rings all the users in the department at the same time until one of them picks up. If your goal is to find a user to talk to the caller fast, this option works best for small or medium-size teams. 
  • Escalating routing - Rings the first user in the list who is checked in and not talking, then escalates until someone picks up or the list is exhausted, at which point the call goes to voicemail. This versatile way of routing your calls could be attractive in a few different scenarios:
    • Sales: you want to reward a person with the most inbound sales calls.
    • Tech Support: you want the most junior person to take the lion's share of the calls
    • Front Desk: you have a person who acts as receptionist but would like a backup for them in case they're on the phone already
    • 24/7 Operations: you want to make sure that somebody will answer the call from the customer no matter what.
  • Round Robin - (This option is not new) Evenly distributes the calls among the users in the group, so that, over time, each person has taken the same amount of calls. This works best in situations where you don't want to disturb everybody when a call comes in, and you let the system use its smarts to pick the best person.
  • Greeting customization - customize the audio callers hear when they select a department.
    • Before finding a user - Let's say the caller presses "1" for Sales, the system would normally say "Sales, one moment..." and then put the caller on hold while it finds a user. You could replace this audio with something more personalized such as "Please hold while we find a personal sales consultant to assist you today..."
    • No one available - If there are no users to take the call, the system normally plays a message saying "You've reached Technical Support. Nobody's available to take your call..." and you could configure the voicemail greeting with something that sets the expectations for how your company will respond to the voicemail request.
  • Per-department business hours - You can now keep different business hours for each department. Ringio will only offer the departments that are open at the time of the calls. For example:
    • You may be in the east coast but would like your Sales department to be open until the close of the business day in the west coast, but your Billing department is only available until 5p Eastern.
    • You may operate a 24/7 support hotline while the rest of the company has regular business hours.

Configurable everything


  • Configurable screen pop - You can now receive screen pops before your phone rings, or while your phone is ringing. (serial or parallel)
  • Configurable call whisper - allows a user who is not at their computer or not using the Ringio Mobile app to hear who is calling via what department and phone number before they choose to accept or reject the call. You can now turn it on/off.
  • Configurable callback - Ringio offers an experimental feature named "Call Back". A callback request is like a voicemail without an audio file. It's a quick and easy way for callers to let you know that they want to be called back. You can now turn it on/off.

Configurable on hold / background music


You can now configure the music or promotional audio message that your callers will hear when the system is trying to find a user or when a user puts the caller on hold.

This is a great opportunity to further brand the caller experience for your customers or prospects.

Starred Rings

Ever wished you could manage your phone calls like you manage your email inbox? Well, now you can.

Starred rings give you a simple way to flag and filter phone calls in Ringio Desktop.


A red star means the call needs to be followed up. You can red-star a phone call yourself, but Ringio will automatically red-star a voicemail or callback request for you.

A green star means that the call has been taken care of. You can green-star a phone call yourself, but if you click on the Ring and make an outgoing call to the contact, Ringio will automatically green-star it for you.

For team calls, anybody can change the status of the star. This is a neat way to coordinate whether a specific customer issue has been taken care of already.

Click on the star at the top left to filter your Ringlist by starred status.

Self-service user tools


Multiple Phones for each User + Personal Call Blast / Simulring

From Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile, each user can now specify up to 3 phone numbers (or VOIP addresses) where they want to get their phone calls.
If more than one phone number is checked, then Ringio will blast those phone numbers until the user picks up at one of the numbers, then hang up on the others.
For example, you may want Ringio to reach you on your office phone and cell phone at the same time. Or you may prefer to change your number on Fridays as you work from your home office.
Check In / Check out
Just like in a call center, your users can now check themselves into the system to receive calls, or check themselves out to stop receiving calls. You check in/out by clicking on the yellow slider in the top right corner of Ringio Desktop.
  • When you create a new user, they are checked in by default
  • Users can check in or check out from Ringio Desktop or Ringio Mobile
  • Users can make outbound calls whether they are checked in or not.
  • You don't need to be logged in in order to be checked in, and you don't need to be logged out in order to be checked out

Multiple Outbound Caller IDs



Do you support more than one business? Now it's easy to identify your outgoing calls as coming from one of those businesses.

If you use Shared Team Phone Numbers you will see a drop-down in Ringio Destkop from which you will be able to choose the number you would like to display as your caller ID.

Small enhancements

  • We now support 2 digit extensions. E.g. x21 for Steve.
  • We now don't block incoming calls from people blocking their Caller ID. Instead, they are shown as "Restricted" in the Ringlist.
  • We now take a caller to voicemail without requiring any key press from them if nobody is available
  • Links to web pages and email addresses are now rendered as clickable in Notes
  • When you listen to a voicemail through an email alert, that voicemail is marked as listened to in Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile
  • When you listen to a voicemail, Ringio automatically selects the contact who left that voicemail in case you want to call them back.
  • You can now Dial a number from the contact search box (or quick create a contact with that number)


  • Order contacts appear in the Contact list - if there are duplicate contacts coming from multiple accounts (yours and other users who are sharing their contacts), we now show YOUR contacts first.
  • Smoother outbound calling:
    • We have eliminated the audio feedback on the "person being called" end, such that when they pick up, they will not hear anything other than the person calling them. They used to hear a soundmark that could cause confusion. When combining this with using a reasonably fast endpoint, the user experience is that when a user of Ringio calls out, the system reaches them first, and by the time the "person being called" picks up, all they hear is the voice of the Ringio user. The fastest endpoints are VOIP phones/softphones, followed by traditional landlines. The laggards are cell phones, especially smartphones, which add latency in pick up, (the cellular network finding the device at a particular cell tower, the device waking up from sleep and activating the phone app for the user to hear the ring).
    • In the summer release, codename "Shiny", we are changing the outbound calling process so that it will be serial. First Ringio calls the user, only once they pick up the system will call the "person being called".
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    Stan Wilcox

    Wow!  Nice work!

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    Kish Melwani

    Sweet job guys!

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    Jon Busey

    Excellent--this makes my day!

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    Steve Brown

    Great stuff...several features that are key to our 15-person-and-growing company.

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    Chris Beeler

    Outstanding product improvement.  This release was enough to take my 5 employee company totally Ringio.  I've ported my main number, bought a couple IP phones, and I'm a raving fan.

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