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"Frosty" v1.7 Release Notes

We released the Winter 2011 Release, codename "Frosty", on Dec 28th 2010. The release is marked as v1.7 in Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile for Android.

Major new features

CRM Integration with Highrise from 37Signals


  • Syncs your contacts and notes between Highrise and Ringio
  • Logs your phone calls as notes in Highrise
  • Each Highrise user can have their own data synced separately
  • Whenever you receive a call, quickly open the Highrise webpage for the contact who is calling you

Watch a demo:

Wanna try it? See Highrise plugin setup instructions


A REST API that allows developers to integrate Ringio with any web-based system, such as a customer database, ordering system, shopping cart, or other data sources.

Get or create Contacts and Notes, query Rings (calls, voicemails and callback requests), Groups, Users and Accounts.

Head over to the API Documentation for more details.

CRM Plugin Marketplace

A way for customers to get new CRM and email integrations. Keep an eye on this as we'll be publishing new integrations every month. Want to let us know about a particular CRM you care about? Please vote for your favorite integration.

The CRM plugin marketplace is also a way for enterprising developers to showcase their work. Head on over to Ringio Developers for more.


Web Triggers and Wufoo Integration

A web trigger is a button that your users can click in Ringio Desktop when they are handling a live phone call. When clicked it opens a pre-configured web page that can be used for data entry, a call script, or a time-entry system. 

We have made a sample integration with Wufoo, a fantastic web form data collection tool. Learn more at Web Triggers and Wufoo


Small enhancements

Press 0 for Operator

With one click you can enable the Zero Out option. It will add a new department and anybody who is tagged with the "operator" department will participate in the operator function.

New signup process

At Ringio we love small businesses that are trying to make a difference in customer service. We wanted to focus on helping as many legitimate business users as possible, so we streamlined the signup process to focus on businesses, not consumers. We now ask for a credit card. We don't charge the credit card for 30 days, but this step helps us fight fraud.

Also, now everybody gets started on the basic, most economical $49 plan, which saves you money.

Bug fixes

  • Some calls would fail when the company had non-alphanumeric characters in their name.
  • When an unmatched repeat caller calls a company line he was greeted by "Hello 17 Billion 800 million 2000....."
  • Sometimes, Call Back Request Number in RingList for contact was Wrong 
  • Sometimes, the system would store "Unknown" as the callerd ID when the system had the caller ID.
  • Default Ringio Support contact had the wrong support number (epic fail)
  • Through the Desktop a call would get hung up on when on the desktop you close the window of the Active Call
  • Pepito ring removed
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