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"Shenandoah" v1.6 Release Notes

We released the Fall 2010 Release, codename "Shenandoah", on Oct 15th 2010 at 6:30am EST. The release is marked as v1.6 in Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile for Android.

Major new features:

Shared Team Phone Numbers

With Shared Team phone numbers you can have more than one phone number to reach the same group of people who are answering. Each Shared Team number has its own greeting and routing options. Whenever your users get a phone call from one of these numbers, they will see a "Screen Pop Label" on the screen pop that will help them identify the source of the call, and they can answer the call appropriately.

What you can control:

  • The greeting that callers hear
  • Whether to ask the caller for a department / extension or not
  • Which group of people get the calls

Setting up a Shared Team Phone number:

From your administrator Dashboard, select the "Add Phone Number" button. You need to have a subscriber account to be able to add a number. Extra Shared Team phone numbers cost $10/mo and you can drop the numbers anytime.

After you have selected the number, you will be able to configure it:


Then, when you get a phone call through that number, you will see the label on the screen pop:


You can also filter your Ring list based on which Shared Team phone number the call came through:



Uses for Shared Team phone numbers:

  • Multi-brand businesses: Maybe you have multiple websites and each one sells a different product or service, but you are responsible for answering inquiries for each of those businesses with the same pool of people. 
  • Answering services: Maybe you answer phone calls for multiple clients as a virtual receptionist but need to know which business is being called to answer appropriately.
  • Local or regional phone numbers: Maybe you have a local presence in more than one city and would like to offer a local number in each of those cities
  • Departmental hotlines: Maybe you would like to have a Sales hotline that routes directly to the sales people, or a "Premium Support" hotline that routes to technical support people but is only known to a few customers.
  • Call tracking for marketing campaigns: If you run online ads, place a different Shared Team number for each ad and then use the Ringio tools to see which campaign produced the higher ROI.

Receive Ringio phone calls on VOIP phones

You can now specify a VOIP phone (technically known as a SIP address or SIP URI) as the location to receive Ringio phone calls.


The VOIP end-point can be:

  1. A softphone (a program that runs on your computer and that you use with a headset)
  2. An IP phone (a phone that connects to your broadband router via Ethernet instead of to a phone jack)
  3. An IP PBX such as Asterisk, Trixbox, FreePBX, etc.

Would you like to try this? Let us know via Support and we will give you an InPhonex virtual number to use. 

See setup instructions on Receiving Ringio phone calls on your computer

Small enhancements

Caller interaction history and notes in live phone calls

You can now control a phone call and see the caller's history and notes taken in the past while the call is live.



Personal calls are now identified as such in screen pops 

Whenever you get a call in a Personal line or through a Company line where the caller entered an extension, the screen pop will show a "Personal" label in the top left corner, to let you know that this is not a "Sales" or "Customer support"-type call but that the person calling wants to talk to you in particular.

Bug fixes

  1. On Ringio Mobile for Android, improved stability when the phone wakes up from sleep
  2. Calls that matched Welcome Back now always get their caller ID passed through
  3. Calls from caller ID of type "+00000" (Skype sometimes does that) no longer prevent the user from logging back in to Ringio Desktop.
  4. For Callback rings, it is now possible to successfully complete a call if the user clicks on the callback icon
  5. Expanded flexibility when taking notes about characters that can be used in the text of the note
  6. Fixed certain cases that prevented contacts from being deleted.
  7. Fixed certain cases that prevented the Ringio number to be shown as the Incoming Caller ID to calls that were taken while logged out of the Ringio software
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    Chris Beeler

    Sam, as a new user it's great to see these types of improvements & bug fixes.

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    Chris Beeler

    By the way, when using the Shared Team Phone numbers or departments in general, when I assign multiple users to the same department and a call comes into that department, why don't all Ringio desktop users who are members of the department receive the screen pop to take the call.

    As I have tested it I see that Ringio rings a single logged in user, then if no answer, forwards the call to the next logged in user, until either the system runs out of users or the call is taken.  This puts the client on hold for an extended period of time.  This extra hold time might be averted if all members of the department who were logged in could get the screen pop simultaneously.

    Just a thought.

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