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"Shenandoah" v1.6 Release Notes



  • Chris Beeler

    Sam, as a new user it's great to see these types of improvements & bug fixes.

  • Chris Beeler

    By the way, when using the Shared Team Phone numbers or departments in general, when I assign multiple users to the same department and a call comes into that department, why don't all Ringio desktop users who are members of the department receive the screen pop to take the call.

    As I have tested it I see that Ringio rings a single logged in user, then if no answer, forwards the call to the next logged in user, until either the system runs out of users or the call is taken.  This puts the client on hold for an extended period of time.  This extra hold time might be averted if all members of the department who were logged in could get the screen pop simultaneously.

    Just a thought.


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