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Version 1.5.2 Release Notes (patch)

Ringio upgraded its production environment to v1.5.2 on 8/19/2010 at 5AM EST.

This patch contained small bug fixes from the "Sunny" release v1.5, posted on 8/5/10


Release Notes

Most important changes:

  • Fixed many sources of crashes for Ringio Mobile for Android
  • Dramatically improved Ringio Mobile's connection management (for when your cell phone switches between 3G and Wifi)
  • Improved the usability and robustness of call whisper / audio pop (when you get a call and you hear Ringio whisper the caller's name to you)
  • Further simplified the process of signing up for Ringio


Ringio Admin Website

  1. [FIXED] Saving Users tab Goes to Greeting Tab for a split second.
  2. [FIXED] Unsubscribe link for 3rd party voicemail email notifications
  3. [FIXED] When an admin first clicks on extensions default is -1. Make it as 3.
  4. [FIXED] Broken help links in the Dashboard
  5. [FIXED] Departments section of Dashboard. Currently only active departments are shown.  Show all department counts and just show the first 3 departments (like users) sorted by the department sort (just like in department tab).
  6. [CHANGED] Usability issue: Assigning a personal Ringio Number to a user.
  7. [CHANGED] Usability -  Audio file -- the process of uploading an audio file was unclear.
  8. [CHANGED] Department confusion. If you have a department that is not used then the ordering is numerical for the departments that are selected. Now, when you create a department and it has no users, the Administrator is added as a user of the department by default.
  9. [CHANGED]. The last bullet in "Other Settings Info Help" needs to be removed since the functionality has been moved to users tab
  10. [CHANGED].The dropdown box after 'route calls to this department' does not include an updated list of departments in the application (see # 2) !!
  11. [CHANGED]. User Tab spelling error. It should either be 'Enable user extensions' or 'Enable users' extensions'. I'd prefer first option
  12. [CHANGED] Usability enhancement -- Step 3 of Sign up process. Downloading the desktop app keeps user in ADMIN PORTAL.
  13. [CHANGED] When creating a new account, please make these two default departments: "sales, technical support" instead of "client service and sales"
  14. [CHANGED] Usability - Remove the default value "MyCompany" from the Step 1 sign up screen. The field should be empty, as the rest, and is mandatory.
  15. [CHANGED] Change the logged in top nav bar link of "" to be "Support" and pop in a new window.
  16. [ADDED]  Help messages for Signup, Users, Extensions , Billing
  17. [ADDED] Various Validation messages
  18. [ADDED] User count in Departments screen

Ringio Desktop client

  1. [FIXED] If an unknown caller leaves a ring as a callback ring then the admin user cannot rename that ring
  2. [FIXED] Issue 797 :When a phone number is dialed through the dialpad that does not match any contact or user then the ringlist is filled with the dialed number correctly. However when you click on this number you cannot edit this contact.
  3.  [FIXED]: looks like the callback function displays the wrong number in the center pane. I received a call yesterday from a client, but the number displayed is my endpoint. 

Ringio Mobile for Android client

  1. [FIXED] The Mobile reconnection stuff. As luck would have it we realized a couple of things when we saw the 3G network act crazy(in/out/in repeatedly). 
    1. Importance of Signal Strength: If a user is connected via 3G and the signal is very weak (0 bar but not disconnected - if it is totally disconnected then it does go to wifi) the mobile is extremely slow. Even if there is a strong wifi at this point if the 3G is connected it stays on 3G. We need to think about switching to wifi -- and vice versa to whoever has the stronger signal. With weak signal since our app is data heavy our app just crawls and you get the "Application is not responding - as it is slowly communicating with the server)..
    2. If you are on the wifi (strong signal) and if 3G in the background goes in and out our application reacts to this (by saying connection lost and then reconnecting)when it should not. I know we listen for network changes but if the source that our app is using then we should not react to this.
    3. As soon as a phone wakes up if you immediately (within 1-2 seconds - before the phone connects to 3G or wifi) press something on ringio - this is when it gets the black screen.

Ringio caller experience

  1. [FIXED] When a call comes in to company line and the caller selects some non admin user A by dialing an extension only - then the admin and the non admin user are both marked as busy
  2. [FIXED] If a users end point has an extension (5712782504x1234) and the caller calls in and requests snapback, then the user gets pop and if accepts the call is treated as if the user rejected
  3. [FIXED] When you make an outbound call to a 'caller ID like 2024688110' the prompt would say "Wait until 2billion 20 million ..." will join the call
  4. Administrator is stuck in busy state when company line comes in to account that has the following (FINALLY we can reproduce this).  
    a) Extensions enabled
    b) There are no departments assigned to any user.
    3) The default vui greetings are selected.
    [FIXED] Administrator is stuck in busy state when company line comes in to account that has the following:.  a) Extensions enabledb) There are no departments assigned to any user.3) The default vui greetings are selected.
  5. [FIXED] If after you accept call from pop.  We try the call for 24 seconds.  But now when this fails(not answered in 24 seconds) -- we are not capturing the event and taking user back to next agent or voicemail - but incorrectly hanging up on the caller


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