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"Sunny" v1.5 Release Notes

We released the Summer 2010 Release, codename "Sunny", on Aug 5th 2010 at 5am EST. The release is marked as v1.5 in Ringio Desktop and Ringio Mobile for Android.

New features:

Completely revamped web administration website

  • Easier to sign up
  • Easier to configure
  • Easier to get help

Configurable caller experience

  • Let Ringio handle your company greeting automatically or configure it yourself
    • With automatic greeting, Ringio tries to offer a pleasant caller experience based on the basic information you have entered about your company, departments and extensions
      • Optionally, you can configure whether to greet callers by name ("Hi Sam") if they're a recognized Google Contact
      • Optionally, you can turn off company name ("Thank you for calling [Company Name]")
    • With custom recording, you can upload your own audio recording.
  • Multiple routing choices:
    • Route by department or extension 
    • Route to only some employees in a specific department
    • Route to all employees


  • With one click, you can give each of your employees an extension. (Extensions are optional in Ringio)
    • Choose the amount of digits in the extensions
    • Choose the extension for each employee and department
  • If you have a PBX, dial an employee's extension when Ringio selects that employee.
  • If you make an outbound call to a contact with an extension, Ringio dials it for you automatically.

Search by company name

  • You can now type the name of a company in the contact search field and it will find all the companies with that name, and all the contacts who belong to that company.

Smart Ringlist

  • Now, when you add the name of a previously unidentified caller, Ringio searches all the calls from that caller and automatically assigns all those items to the newly identified contact.

Pictures for contacts

  • If a contact in your address book has a picture associated with their email, Ringio will show you that picture, using the Gravatar API

Self-service Account tools

  • If you like the Ringio service, you can now easily subscribe online.
  • If you stop liking the Ringio service, you can now easily cancel your account, no awkward calls to make.
  • See your account history of charges, change your billing information.
  • Ringio developed its billing integration with high security standards in mind. For example, we don't store your credit card information.

Other features and fixes:

  • Optionally, when somebody leaves a user a voicemail or requests a call back, they get an email receipt of their request.
  • We now have better internal tools to serve you if you ever call us or contact us
  • We fixed over 100 bugs since our prior release.
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