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Manipulating Ringio .CSV call records in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs

Ringio’s reporting module brings powerful analytics about your team’s customer interactions. Quickly find out who are your most productive sales reps, whether your support team is meeting its service levels, or who are your chattiest customers (and what they’re talking about).

Ringio makes it easy for managers to get the metrics they need to run their department and for executives to gain the insights about what happens at the boundary between employee and customer.

Here you have access to the reporting module:

Simply click the "Download data as .CSV" link and clean up and consolidate all your data in one place.

Once you have downloaded the .CSV file, you have plenty of options to produce many useful and insightful reports using Microsoft Excel Table, PivotTable, Chart, ....

Attachment 1 ( Filter Using Table.png) shows all calls for me from a specific number and the average duration of all those calls.

Attachment 2 ( Pivot Table.png) shows:

  • Count of calls
  • Average of call duration in seconds
  • Sum of call duration

for each day for the past 7 days with a histogram (chart) created based on filtered data in the pivot table.

Understanding Call Outcomes

In the .CSV file you will find a column named "Type" that gives you a 2 letter code about how the system classified the outcome of the call.

vo Voicemail - Inbound: caller left a voicemail
cm Completed - Inbound: caller talked to a user. Outbound: user was connected to number they dialed (either person or voicemail picked up)
ca Callback - Inbound: caller requested a callback
mi Missed - Inbound: caller abandoned the call before talking to anyone. Outbound: user hung up or pressed End Call button before the contact being called picked up
tx Transferred - Inbound: caller talked to user, user transferred the call to another destination 
vd Voicemail Drop - Outbound - user was connected to contact and the user dropped a pre-recorded voicemail in the contact's voicemail box


Hope you will find it useful.


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