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Enable multiple end points

Many times, a user in your company would want both their desk phone and cell phone to ring when someone calls their phone.

The Ringio application allows greater customization of features such as this one, and enables you to ring multiple end points simultaneously (this corresponds to the call blast _option in the Ringio dashboard)_.  Here's how to set up your Ringio application to ring to multiple end points.

In your Ringio application, click on your account button.  The button is located at the top right corner of your application and says My account when you mouse over it.




You'll see information and settings regarding your account.  Click on Receive calls at.



A dialogue box will appear.  You should see one entry in there which is the number or SIP address you or your Ringio administrator specified when your account was created.  Click on the green '+' arrow to the right of that address.



A second row appears.  Enter your phone number or SIP address and click on the save button in the dialogue box.  You can specify up to three end points for a user.



You can then route calls differently between your devices. Calls blast will ring all your devices at the same time, escalating will dial the top most device first for 25 seconds, then the next one below and so on.

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