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Ringio Reporting and Call Analytics

Ringio's reporting advanced feature offers a powerful tool to manage and oversee your company's call activities. With this set of reports, you will be able to quickly answer questions such as:

  • Is our call activity increasing or decreasing?
  • What are our customers calling about?
  • Who is our most / least productive team member over the phone?
  • What percentage of calls are getting missed?
  • ... and much more.


Real-time web reporting

Once you access the main reporting screen, you can tally up your call activity according to different date ranges and dimensions.

  • By Department - quickly shows you which departments your callers selected when calling your company numbers. Most useful to benchmark different teams in company against each other, and for staffing purposes.
  • *By User *- tallies up call statistics for each user in your company. See who are the individual top performers and who are your problem people. 
  • By Ringio Number - if you maintain multiple phone numbers, (e.g. main number, San Francisco office, a couple of marketing call tracking lines...) shows you the statistics for each of those, so you can measure the impact of your advertising and outreach efforts.
  • *Top 50 Contacts *- ever wondered which customers are the most engaged with your business? This report will help you hone in on who is most active on the phone with your employees and can be very useful to predict your sales pipeline and to tune your customer support efforts.


Scheduled report delivery via email

Want to do your own analysis? Ringio can deliver to you via email the call record information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Simply specify the delivery address and the frequency and you will receive an attachment .CSV file with the call records for the defined period.

Drill down report

If you would like the details of individual phone calls, and to listen to their associated call recordings or voicemail files, you can click on any row to drill down to the actual call records:


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