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Ringio 100% Uptime Guarantee

Ringio SLA

Ringio understands the importance of service availability to our customers and is committed to providing telephony services with a standard of excellence that exceeds best practices in the PBX industry.

Ringio guarantees 100% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance. In the unlikely event of downtime, you are credited up to 100% of your monthly fee at a rate of 1% for every 10 minutes of downtime.

Details of our 100% Uptime guarantee

Ringio guarantees that our Virtual PBX hosting service will attempt a network transfer of 100% of your phone calls and deliver them to the carrier responsible for your phone numbers in a given month, excluding calls happening during scheduled maintenance. In the unlikely event of Network Downtime, Ringio will refund 1% of your monthly fee for every 10 minutes of downtime.

Generally, Network Uptime includes the proper functioning of all servers and services run by Ringio and its vendors, but does not include the proper functioning of servers or services run by you or other vendors, such as Google.

Specifically, Network uptime includes proper functioning of all Ringio PBX hosting service infrastructure including telephone numbers, telephony lines, telephony connectivity, telephony gateways, voice processing platforms, network routers, network switches, network cabling, VPNs, leased lines, and direct Internet network connectivity. 

In order to take advantage of our 100% Uptime guarantee, you must have a valid phone number specified as a Backup Number, under the "Other Settings" section of the administration website, and have an active account in current standing.

How to take advantage of the the SLA

In the event of an outage, please submit a support ticket stating which phone numbers were affected, when and for how long, and we will use this information to collate the outage with our logs, and you will issue you a service credit within 30 days of your submission.

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